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About the Company:

Jones and Sons Excavating was founded in July 1991 by Carolyn Jones with just a Case 580 and a John Deere loader. With just word of mouth as their advertising, they strived to perform quality work that would make their name known as a distinguished business that provided quality work. In the beginning their costumers where primarily local residence. Gradually the business grew and was able to start expanding their field of work. They began working in the commercial world of excavating but still focused and took care of the residential customers that helped to build the foundation of their business in July of 2007 the business became incorporated. Today Carolyn is majority owner but two of her sons and her youngest daughter have step up and are co-owners. Although they have grown tremendously, Jones and Sons Excavation's primary customer is still local residences, and they take great pride in satisfying their customers!

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